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Everything about Pixelhobby

An extensive range of Pixelhobby

At iHobby you will find a wide range of Pixelhobby. You can contact us for all your Pixelhobby needs, such as large Pixelhobby sets and small Pixelhobby sets, sets for making medallions and even Pixelhobby cubes! Would you rather use or come up with your own pattern? You will also find all 312 colors of Pixelhobby mats, base plates, Pixelhobby tweezers and even dovetails and magnets.

What is Pixelhobby?

Pixeling, or embroidery without a needle, painting without mess or diamond painting without glitter. With Pixelhobby you create a kind of mosaic of small pixel blocks on a base plate to create an image. Did you know that Pixelhobby is experienced as very relaxing?

Pixel hobby from the Netherlands

Pixelhobby is a real Dutch product and is made in Wevershoof in North Holland. Pixel mats are also a sustainable product and also free of toxic ingredients. Crafting with Pixelhobby is not only fun, but also responsible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Pixelhobby Classic and XL?

Pixelhobby is suitable for all ages. For Classic Pixelhobby you use tweezers because the stones are very small. Therefore, the minimum recommended age for Pixelhobby Classic is 8 years, depending on the pattern. For the smallest hobbyists there is the Pixelhobby XL. This is suitable for children aged 4 and over, because it does not require tweezers and the Pixels can be pressed into the plate by hand.

What does a Pixelhobby pattern look like?

Most Pixelhobby patterns consist of small boxes with crosses, circles and other shapes to indicate a color. Pixelhobby patterns for children such as the Pixelhobby XL and medallions are pictures with color. Here, the color of a mat only needs to match the color of the pattern. Because the base plates are transparent, Pixelhobby takes no time at all.

Are there also large sets from Pixelhobby?

At iHobby we have many different sets for Pixelhobby for all levels. The more base plates and the more colors a set contains, the more difficult it is to make. Our largest sets measure 40x50 centimeters and consist of no fewer than 12 base plates!

Can you iron Pixelhobby like ironing beads?

You can iron Pixelhobby just like ironing beads. You do this with a piece of baking paper and an iron on a low setting. This way you can also reuse the base plate!

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