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Kaarsen Maken

Kaarsen Maken

All about candle making at iHobby

An extensive collection for candle making

At iHobby, you'll find everything you need for candle making. Explore our diverse categories, including candle wax, candle dye, candle fragrance, candle wicks, candle molds, and candle making sets. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced candle maker, at iHobby, you'll find high-quality materials and tools to create your own candles.

Discover the versatility of candle making

With our candle making collection, you can experiment endlessly. Whether you want to make fragrant candles with our fragrances, create colorful candles with our dyes, or cast unique shapes with our molds, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild and create beautiful candles for any occasion.

Quality materials from renowned brands

At iHobby, we offer only the best materials from renowned brands for candle making. Our wax, dyes, fragrances, wicks, molds, and sets are carefully selected to meet the needs of every candle maker. With our high-quality products, you'll create candles of top quality that burn for a long time and create a delightful atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of candles can I make with iHobby's candle making sets?

Our candle making sets offer various possibilities, from basic candles to shaped candles and even scented candles. Each set comes with clear instructions and all the necessary materials, so you can start making your own candles right away.

Are iHobby's dyes suitable for making colored candles?

Yes, our dyes are specially designed for coloring candles. They are easy to use and offer vibrant colors that give your candles a unique look. Experiment with different colors and create beautiful colored candles for any occasion.

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