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All about paper at iHobby

A wide range of paper products

At iHobby, we offer an extensive selection of paper products for various creative applications. Explore our subcategories, including blocks and books, loose paper, foam board, mats, and coloring books. Whether you're looking for paper for sketching, painting, framing, or coloring, at iHobby, you'll find everything you need to bring your creative projects to life.

Discover the versatility of our paper assortment

Each type of paper has its own characteristics and applications. Whether you're looking for a smooth surface for detailed drawings, a rougher paper for watercolor techniques, or sturdy paper for paintings, our collection offers various options for different art forms. With high-quality paper from iHobby, you can work on your creative projects with confidence and ease.

Top quality from renowned brands

At iHobby, we prioritize quality, which is why we offer paper products from renowned brands such as SMLT artist paper and Artgecko sketchbooks. These brands are known for their excellent quality and performance, making them favorites among artists worldwide. With our top-quality paper, you can be assured of the best results for all your artistic projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Artgecko sketchbooks suitable for different drawing techniques?

Yes, Artgecko sketchbooks are versatile and suitable for various drawing techniques, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, and ink. There are even sketchbooks specifically designed for Posca markers. They are made of high-quality paper suitable for different media, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced artists.

Does SMLT artist paper offer different textures?

Yes, SMLT artist paper is available in different textures, including smooth, rough, and textured. This allows you to choose the texture that best suits your artistic style and preferences. Whether you prefer working with pencil, watercolor, or pastel, SMLT artist paper provides the ideal surface for all your creative projects.

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